PESHAWAR - At least 20 bodies of alleged militants, recovered from the debris of the two houses hit by the US missiles in village Mohammad Khel of North Waziristan Agency on Friday midnight, have been buried in a local graveyard on Friday, the local tribesmen said on Saturday. "Around 18 dead bodies are in recognizable condition while the remaining are beyond recognition," one of the tribesmen said. According to eyewitnesses, "organs of the human beings and some of the mutilated dead bodies were scattered on the site soon after the mysterious missile attacks." The militants in the area made best efforts to carry out rescue activities on their own but upon their failure, the local tribesmen made contribution in this respect. They completed the funerals of the killed persons after collecting the dead bodies and the human organs from the debris. Later they buried all the 20 dead bodies in a local graveyard. The tribesmen informed that most of the killed persons looked like foreigners. The dwellers of the area said that foreigners mostly from Arab and Central Asian countries were staying there or kept on visiting both the houses since a long time. However, the exact identity of the killed persons could not be confirmed so far. The officials have also confirmed missile attack on the two houses. They also said, "Further investigations are in progress." However, some of the officials believe that missile attacks caused loss of 20 to 24 lives including foreigners. There are reports of killing of Al Qaeda fugitive namely Abu Salman. The Al Qaeda or its affiliated militant organizations have yet to issue statement regarding casualties in the missile attacks. It may be mentioned here that in the recent past, it was the second missile attack against the alleged militants hideouts in village Mohammad Khel. On September 4, 2008, at least six persons including five foreigners were killed in a similar missile attack against a hideout at village Mohammad Khel. In the current calendar year, the US-led allied troops camping across the border in Afghanistan conducted around 19 attacks. Only two out of the 19 were ground attacks whereas in the remaining strikes the hideouts of militants were targeted through missiles.