They say actions speak louder than words but it looks like going the other way round in the delivery of governance, particularly in assuring the sovereignty and territorial sanctity of the country by the incumbent regime. Since most of the actions with barring American drones and ISAF copters from exceeding their mandate on top of them were beyond the governments control, it resorts to keep its words louder, at least. That was where Parliamentary Leader of the PML-Q, the former ruling party, Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat caught the government red-handed in the National Assembly on Monday. Same day, Madam Speaker, when the Prime Minister talked about using other options to stop these excursions, the drones and ISAF helicopters bombarded Pakistani territories, he observed asking a question Where does our sovereignty stand in this scenario? Although the Prime Minister graced the session after Fiasal had spoken, he preferred not to say anything on this burning issue of the nation. Initially it appeared that he had come down to the NA hall to respond to the points concerning him but he changed his mood when the PML-N walked out of the session following Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khans speech. Or some powers above him had perhaps barred him from anymore talk about other options. They say beggars are not choosers but the PPP government is most probably vying both to have the cake and eat it. Before the question of sovereignty, the so-called young parliamentarians have given another litmus test to the government and that was implementation on their recommendations regarding the case of Royal Palm Club of Pakistan Railways in Lahore. Pundits believe that it might be difficult for the government to proceed against even retired generals held responsible in the young parliamentarians report when it was longing for armys support to stay in power. Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilours casual response to alarming speeches by opposition members over the issue, in the first place indicated lack of enthusiasm on part of the government to pursue this case as vigorously as was desired. Even words did not come loud and clear from the government in this regard. I was not in the session when this report was presented and I would look into it and would come back to the House, was highly unsatisfying answer by the Railways Minister that too in a taunting tone. Rather than appearing committal to do the needful in logical sequence of the case, he preferred to taunt the PML-Q, as the Royal Palm irregularities were committed during Musharrafs initial regime when he was self-styled chief executive of the country.