Many of us are not really aware of various ancient buildings and pieces of architecture that have been important assets of Muslim culture and civilization. Babri Mosque is a case in point that today has become a bone of contention between Hindus and Muslims. The dispute dates back to 1853. It was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Babur and was named Babri in his honor. Hindus, however, claim that before the construction, the structure was a temple that was destroyed by Baburs forces. Hindu-Muslim clashes have continued since then. Now considering the history of the mosque, the Allahabad High Courts decision to divide the land into three pieces, one for Muslims, the second for Hindus and the third for another sect seems to me unfair. Muslim emperors captured a number of territories, places, buildings in the past that originally belonged to different nations but does that mean there should be a trial for each of these places. It has been a culture of the past kingdoms to invade places and rule them. If the Hindu forces were defeated and the mosque had been constructed during the Muslim era, then Hindus have no right to claim its ownership. To me, the decision seems to be clearly a way to destroy another Islamic landmark. IFRAH ZAFAR, Karachi, September 30.