LAHORE - Pakistan Peoples Party Secretary General Senator Jehangir Bader has filed an application with FIA seeking action against a group of people involved in fraudulent activities and also using his name for the purpose. In the application addressed to the director FIA, the senator complained that someone was using his name in fraudulent activities. He said after knowing about the activities of these people he had launched two FIRs at different police stations. It is pertinent to add the impersonator who introduced himself as Jehangir Bader on telephone also deceitfully received Rs 0.3 million from Pakistans top-ranked squash player Aamir Atlas and promised to honour the player with a brand new 1300CC car for his achievement at the international level. He made a call a few days back in Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) office in Islamabad and said Jehangir Bader wanted to honour Aamir with a brand new car and was also planning to organise a function in this regard. The impersonator got cell phone number from the office and then called Aamir directly and told him all the story. The impersonator asked Amir he would have to pay tax in this regard because the sponsors would pay only the actual amount. He spoke in the voice of Jehangir Bader and that was the reason Amir deposited the said amount in the account of some Salma Adnan in Lahore without any verification. When Amir contacted personal secretary of Jehangir Bader, he expressed ignorance over the issue. Senator Jehangir Bader also prayed the director FIA to nominate someone from his office to take up this matter and coordinate with his Assistant Wasim Sadiq on his behalf for resuming the investigation.