ISLAMABAD Despite strong recommendations of majority of selection board members while recruiting Executive Director (Human Resources) in 2006 at SECP, a group of surplus employees of defunct Corporate Law Authority (CLA) has been running from pillar to post submitting biased complaints to countrys highest offices against ED (HR), sources informed TheNation. TheNation has received a copy complaint against the sitting ED (HR) that his appointment was biased and based on nepotism and favouritism. The complainants highlighted series of objections that were checked by this scribe. In the first point the complainants have claimed that sitting ED (HR) Mansur Ahsan was holding simple BSc and LLB degrees, while the minimum qualification for the post was a Masters degree. According to the documents available with TheNation, Mansur Ahsan at the time of his application was having 19 years of experience in countrys top organisations PTC, PTCL and Sui-Sourthern Gas in Human Resource (HR) departments. He is holding LLB degree that was equivalent to Masters as per Higher Education (HEC)s decision made in HEC 35th meeting held on 31st January and 1st February 1996 and is available on HEC website as well. The second objection raised was that that the LLB degree of the sitting ED (HR) is fake. According to the document available with TheNation, the degree has been verified and attested by HEC authorities. The 3rd point of the complaint was that the then SECP chairman waived the requirement of a Masters degree for Mansoor Ahsan through a backdated internal office memorandum on Aug 29, 2006. On this point the documents available with TheNation mentions that the pre-requisites for the post was Masters degree and 10 to 15 years experience. The sitting ED (HR) was having 19 years of experience in the field of HR and was holding the LLB degree. In fourth objection it was said that the appointment of Mansoor Ahsan was approved before the closing date, which was July 15, 2006, as he was already short-listed, interviewed and finally selected on July 6, 2006. According the documents available with TheNation sitting ED (HR) along with three other candidates short-listed by Head Hunters ENI appeared for first interview on 3rd August, 2006 and for second interview that was final interview on 28th of Aug, 2006. ED was offered job on Aug 30, 2006. In fifth point of the complaint it was said that sitting ED (HR) resigned from his job at the Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation on July 31, 2006 and he was selected even before the interview date which was Aug 3, 2006 as per the minutes of the selection committee. Comments of the ED (HR) were recorded as he said that then he had applied and was having offers from countrys top organisations. For that reason he had already submitted his resignation. He accepted the job at SECP, he added. In sixth point of complaint it is said that one of the commissioners, Rashid I. Malik (deceased), made his observation that minimum qualification required for the job be checked. According to the documents available with TheNation, Rashid I Malik was among the three-member selection committee. However, the two members have strongly recommended the sitting ED (HR). All three members have given highest marks to sitting ED (HR) in both interviews. In seventh point of complaint, it was said that Mansur Ahsan remained involved in inquiries on corruption charges during his service with the Sui Southern Gas Company Limited. According to the document available with TheNation, the name of Mansur Ahsan was not mentioned in the inquiry conducted by DGM (IR) with final judgement that no malafide intentions were noticed.. In 8th objection, surplus employees of defunct CLA have alleged that the SECP chairman in fact had managed the appointment of Ahsan who was offered unprecedented salary and other perks and privileges. According to the document available with TheNation the sitting ED (HR) at SECP was offered 5.4 percent additional benefits as compared to his last salary draw n from PTCL. It would be relevant to mention here that the surplus employees of defunct CLA are using political influence on Ministry of Finance and SECP to explore the ways to bless their blue eyed with higher positions in SECP.