ISLAMABAD Some European countries in NATO seem upset over the way the US and the UK are handling the international war against terror, which the analysts believe, would have direct bearing on the fate of the lingering military campaign in Afghanistan. Sources privy to these developments informed TheNation on Monday that some key EU countries including Germany and France have rejected the US-sponsored intelligence, which held terrorists responsible for plotting attacks in some of the west European countries. Sources were of the view that Mondays statement issued by the Interior Ministry of Germany was part of the growing frustration amongst the EU members especially those countries which had key role in the NATO-led war against terror. Media reports quoted a spokesman of the Interior Ministry that Germany had no concrete indications of imminent attacks from terrorists and saw no reason to change its threat level at the moment. These comments had come after the US issued a travel advisory for its citizens in Europe that a Mumbai-style attack might be imminent. There are still no concrete indications of imminent attacks on German targets, the reports said while quoting statement issued by the Germanys interior ministry. Some US and British media last week quoted security officials as saying that al-Qaeda militants were planning to launch terror attacks on major cities in Britain, France, Germany and the United States.