ISLAMABAD The government on Monday released Rs 1.1 billion to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for the payment of 65 per cent raise in the salaries of university employees across the country. The raise was announced in salaries and 15 per cent raise in medical allowance of the university employees, which amounts to about Rs 6 billion of a year so the government, according to Higher Education Commission (HEC) officials, released 20 per cent amount of the first quarter that is Rs 1.1 billion for the purpose. It has been leant that Rs 5.3 billion have also been released by the government regarding development budget of the HEC. After the countrywide strike of the universities on September 22, the government had accepted to fulfil the immediate needs of the universities, but it did not release the funds. However, despite the release the association so far has not called off their proposed strike.