ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has reiterated that the preference of his government remains early settlement of 20 million flood affectees including immediate disbursement of assistance to rebuild their houses. The Prime Minister while chairing a high-level meeting to review the relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction strategies for the flood-affected people and areas here at the PM House on Monday, said that the requisite funds to the tune of Rs 200 billion for the purpose would be arranged by the federal government in consultation with the provincial governments. He directed the NDMA and relevant ministries and organisations to urgently finalise details for consultation with the provinces during the forthcoming meeting of Council of Common Interests regarding the rehabilitation and reconstruction phases of the flood-affected regions. The Prime Minister further emphasised upon all the relevant ministries and institutions to evolve a well-coordinated plan to mobilise support for the immediately required assistance for rehabilitation and reconstruction phase. APP adds: In a message on International Teachers Day PM Gilani urged teachers to vigorously pursue their national obligation of projecting Pakistani nationalism to defeat forces of extremism and terrorism. He said the national ideology could serve as a counterweight to the evil ideas of extremism and terrorism. Our teachers can help us a great deal in fostering tolerance, peace and dialogue - values that are also the essential message of our great religion. Gilani called for building an inclusive society where all citizens of the State are equal before the eyes of law and have access to equal opportunities irrespective of caste, colour, creed and religion. He termed it a formidable challenge but pointed that it was doable provided those entrusted with the prophetic task of educating are determined to make it happen come what may. Gilani said the role of teachers has become all the more important in view of serious challenges posed to the State and society. He said Pakistans unique culture and civilisation faces a challenge at the hands of a bigoted ideology that seeks to take away national and religious identity from us. We cannot and should not allow this small minority to dictate its pernicious agenda to the peaceful majority, Gilani added. There can be no better national service than creating a spirit of unity and nationhood among people, he added. Gilani said he has great expectations from teachers as they have risen up to the challenge in the past and hoped that they can do the same now. Let me make my governments singular pledge to do everything possible to provide conducive environment for the teachers, he added. Gilani said observance of the day is an acknowledgement and appreciation of the important role teachers were playing in progress and prosperity of the society. He said it was an expression of collective gratitude and a mark of glowing tribute to our teaching community for their valuable contributions to the state and society. The fact that our revered teachers have continued to discharge this important duty of imparting knowledge despite heavy odds speaks volumes of their dedication, commitment and devotion to the cause of teaching. Gilani said a teacher was a builder of a nation who builds the edifice of a society through creative ideas, and constructive values. He infuses among his pupils the spirit to serve the nation. He is a guide who shepherds his students out of darkness and enables them to become productive members of a society. He inspires hope among his students and youth and equips them with the qualities of unity, faith and discipline to fight against any roadblocks. Eulogizing the services of a teacher, the Prime Minister said a teacher has also an important role to play in the character building of his students. He serves as a role model to society and imparts values of selflessness, and sacrifice. He gives meaning to the lives of his pupils and shapes their attitudes. No nation can progress unless its edifice has been raised on strong moral foundation. A teacher safeguards internal frontiers by interpreting national ideology and fostering cultural identity in line with peculiar civilisational ethos. A teacher inculcates national pride in his students and saves them from falling prey to foreign ideologies and influences, Gilani said.