KARACHI - The Karachi stock market witnessed positive closing with thin volumes Monday on strong result announcements in oil & gas, banks and textile sector scrips as the government hinted at taking difficult decisions to strengthen democracy in the country. The KSE 100-index closed at 10,045.03 points with a gain of 2.59 points, the KMI 30-index closed at 15,738.11 points with a gain of 39.18points, while all share index closed at 7,014.22 points with a loss of 2.60 points. The trading activity was minimal as compared to the last trading session as the ready market volume stood at 5.327 million as compared to the last trading sessions 6.382 million. Future market volume, however, stood at 1.06 million shares as compared to 1.88 million shares of last trading session. Market capitalization stood over Rs2.778 trillion. As many as 158 companies advanced, 211 declined and 25 remained unchanged. The highest volumes were witnessed in TRG Pakistan at 4.82 million, closed at Rs4.28 with a loss of Re0.01, followed by Jah Sidd Co at 3.85 million, closed at Rs9.62 with a loss of Re0.07, and Bank Al-Falah at 3.08 million, closed at Rs8.45 with a gain of Rs16. Ahsan Mehanti, Director Arif Habib Investments Limited, said that rising global oil prices, expectation for strong announcements this week and continuing foreign interest in blue chip scrips played a catalyst role in positive activity despite concerns for rising economic uncertainty & falling rupee value. Hasnian Asghar Ali said fault in CDC that disallowed most of the participants to use the services, may have further reduced the turnover and activity. He added that low volume positive yet again failed to inspire follow-up support, however activity in selected textile, fertilizer and banking stocks did provide resident participants mainly the proprietary traders short-term trading activity mainly due to snap rallies, while the overall stagnation kept the sell on strength stance alive. He further said that with reaction of rise in ERF rates yet to be seen in textile sector stocks, wherein the investors are at the moment celebrating weakness in local currency negative impact of RGST is unlikely to allow the unprecedented rise in the stocks, while rise in NPLs by Rs50 billion on account of farm loans due to recent flooding kept the respective stocks of the banking sector under pressure. He said that concerns mainly on economic and financial fronts have certainly kept the regular participants on hold. Thus, disallowing any major activity. Turnover through hand shift that usually invited short-term traders stayed missing except for that in couple of stocks having interest of financial groups. He further added that with MTS update off-sight the rally initiators are unlikely to set the dice for inviting widespread participation, an official update on the product might, however, allow the local bourse to perform, depending on the key regulations of the amended leverage mechanism. Therefore, recommendation to stay cautious continues, while taking advantage on intra-day high is likely to prove beneficial with the strategy of partial recovery on dips.