LAHORE - An over drunk police sub inspector along with his three other accomplices shot dead the pregnant mother of his girlfriend here in Shalimar area on late Sunday night, police said here on Monday. The policeman got infuriated and gunned down the mother of four. She later identified as Rukhsana Bibi, after she contacted her daughter by phone and admonished her over late night merrymaking. Investigators said that the killers including policeman Shahid Murad along with his three accomplices Nauman, Asim and Rafique appeared on two cars outside the residence of Rukhsana Bibi situated in Old Bhogiwal area in Shalimar police precincts on Sunday midnight. They stopped their cars and opened fire on Rukhsana Bibi, who was sitting on a cot in an empty plot adjacent to her house. The woman sustained multiple bullet wounds and died on the spot while the killers managed to escape from the scene. The police said that the woman was pregnant. Investigators said that Saadia, daughter of Rukhsana Bibi, left her residence on Sunday night and reached the private house of one Nauman. Nauman is said to be a close friend of Sub Inspector Shahid Murad in Mughalpura area, where the party begun and they all started drinking liquor. One hour later, Rukhsana Bibi contacted her daughter Saadia by phone and exchanged harsh words with her, forcing her to come back home immediately. The sub inspector Shahid Murad took cellular phone from Saadia and also exchanged harsh words with her mother. Rukhsana Bibi also scolded the policeman as well, who got infuriated, took out guns and rushed towards the residence of Rukhsana Bibi. Meanwhile, Saadia left that private house to reach home but the mobile police arrested her as she was over drunk. Later, the police also arrested one of the killers identified as Asim and put him behind the bars. The police also reached the residence of Rukhsana Bibi and removed her body to the morgue for autopsy. Police registered a murder case on the complaint of deceased husband and are conducting raids to nab the remaining killers. Further investigations were underway. Two men commit suicide Two men committed suicide due to unemployment and poverty here in the Punjab Capital on Monday, police said. Mohammad Afzal, 22, took poisonous pills after his family members admonished him over some domestic issue here in Badami Bagh area. Police investigators said that the youth was unemployed for the last several months. He got disillusioned and swallowed poisonous pills as his family members used to admonish him over the issue. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. In another incident Waqas Masih, 35, committed suicide by swallowing poisonous pills here in Shalimar Area, police said. He was rushed to nearby hospital but died in the way. The deceaseds family told the police that the man was facing financial constraints for the last several months. The police are investigating. Meanwhile, a one-year-old boy died under mysterious circumstances here in Hydyara area, police said on Monday. Resident of Pindeera Village Imran Ahmed told the police that his brother Gul Ahmed strangled his son to death when the boy was sleeping in the bedroom in the absence of his mother. He further alleged that his brother exchanged hot words with him over some domestic issue few days ago. The police have registered the case and arrested the alleged killer. The police have also removed the body to the morgue for autopsy to ascertain the cause of death and are investigating. Ashraf Javed