Federal Law Minister Babar Awan has said that NAB ordinance was issued in broad daylight and in accordance with the rules and regulations. Speaking on the floor of the lower house, Babar Awan said that news reporting regarding issuing of NAB ordinance in the darkness of night are baseless and false and is a part of media trial against the government. He said that a daily newspaper had reported that Prime Minister was kept in the dark regarding NAB ordinance. He said that he has relevant documents to back up his claim. He told that on Sept 6, 2010 summary was sent to Prime Minister after which PM secretariat forwarded the summary to President on 7th September as advice. On 8th September the President inked the summary and approved the summary. On 9th September the summary was sent back to the Law Ministry by the PM secretariat and on 16 September a notification to this effect was published in the gazette. He said all proper channels were followed for issuing this ordinance and the reports of issuing the ordinance in the darkness of night are beyond comprehension. He said a newspaper also published story titled PM has handed over his powers to Law Minister and that too is a baseless and false story. In the summary reference of SC verdict of 16th December 2009 has been mentioned and directives for increase in Accountability courts was given under which 2 accountability courts in Islamabad and Multan were established. During the tenure of Gen (retd) Musharraf NAB used to make two kinds of recovery one was plea bargain and second one during trial which was then distributed but we have abolished that section. He said that we had 120 days to table the NAB ordinance but we did it in 11 days and thus those who are talking about any irregularities in the ordinance they are welcome to see the papers. Awan said that according to rules of both houses whenever an ordinance is tabled it becomes the property of the house in the shape of bill and the executive cannot change it. The parliament can give its opinion on it. The law minister said that we did not by pass anyone and neither violated any law. Later the PML-N and PML-Q termed the Law Minister statement as unsatisfactory and said that the opposition was bypassed in this matter thus they walkout on this issue. However Chief Whip Syed Khurshid Shah wooed back the members. However the law minister was adamant that they did not by pass anyone and neither violated any law.