The Daily Nation dated 02-10-2010 has reported that a most modern slaughter house would be built on 700 Kanal land near Shahpur Kanjra at a cost of Rs. 450 million with a capacity of slaughtering 1000 big animals and 12000 small i.e. sheep and goats in a shift of 12 hours. This is a welcome step but I would like to record that the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock had proposed a modern slaughter house for a World Bank aided project at a cost of US 9 million during 1975 but the Punjab Government was not ready at that time. Only 6 million US were used to provide equipment to Lahore Milk Plant out of a total proposed of 75 million US assistance as a result of FAO/IBRD Livestock Sectoral Survey conducted in 1974 while the scribe served in the said Ministry from 1972 to 1978 as Animal Husbandry Commissioner and Additional Secretary Livestock Division. This all goes to show the tardy pace of development in our country even when funds are available for projects. In the above case, Bulgaria had even prepared a free feasibility report for the slaughterhouse project but it was completely neglected. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, October 2.