ISLAMABAD Before a third party could exploit the issue to make it a matter of collective shame for the entire nation, it is Pakistans High Commissioner in India Shahid Malik who promptly responded to 'the national flag carrying controversy and resolved it amicably overnight, it has been learnt. Yes, the matter has been resolved pleasantly and that the weightlifters are sure to perform well in the Commonwealth Games rather than pulling out of the event, Shahid Malik told TheNation by telephone from New Delhi on Monday. He told this correspondent when contacted on Monday that he immediately took Lt Gen Arif, Chairman Pakistan Olympics Association, and sorted out the matter. I dont want to go into details, however, the matter has been resolved and credit for this goes to Lt Gen Arif and the boys, Shahid Malik told this correspondent adding that no one from Pakistan tried to contact him following the incident. According to details available with TheNation Shahid Malik immediately contacted Lt Gen Arif, Muhammad Ali Shah, and the weightlifters following the incident. Malik made both the parties come across the table and wisely resolved the matter. Look Sir I was under the impression that a third party can exploit the matter to defame Pakistan, so, it was necessary to resolve the matter as soon as possible and we did it, said Shahid Malik. When asked if he was satisfied with the security arrangements for the International Athletes, Shahid showed a positive response. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistans weightlifters had threatened to pull out of the Delhi Commonwealth Games after a showdown with their contingent leader over carrying the national flag during Saturday nights opening ceremony but the trouble was averted when officials sorted out the misunderstanding.