Office bearers of Tahreek Tameer -e -Nau (TTN) said that on the fifth anniversary of Kashmir earthquake hundreds of people from quake hit areas of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will protest in Islamabad against the delay of rehabilitation and alleged corruption in public funds. According to press release issued here on Tuesday, office bearers of Tahreek Tameer -e -Nau (TTN), is an alliance of different political parties and civil society groups in three affected districts of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Agitators will start their march from Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Rawalakot and protest will be held in front of Parliament House, Islamabad against the misuse of funds and delay in rebuilding process. President of TTN Shaukat Ganie Advocate alleged that billions of funds have been embezzled or misused by officials of departments responsible for rehabilitation of quake-ravaged cities. "However, people are still living a miserable life even after five years due to none -completion of roads, schools, offices and other public infrastructure. But, present and previous governments failed to redress the sufferings of people," he added. "The government is befooling the world community by labeling completed projects of humanitarian agencies as its own achievements, whereas the truth is that government has done nothing except making ridiculous claims and fake announcements about development." He vowed that people will not allow the rulers to snatch national funds. Billons of funds were donated by world community for victims of earthquake were misused by officials who also affected the international aid for recent floods victims, therefore, we will continue our struggle till the looters of the nation are brought to justice, he further said. He said that similar processions have been arranged in Rawalakot and Bagh districts by Tareek Tameer Nau(TTN), where trade unions and local political parties and social groups have assured to join the protest.