ISLAMABAD The second solo exhibition of paintings by Karachi-based versatile painter Wasi Haider in the Federal Capital is on at the Jharoka Art Gallery in Sector F-8/1. The self-taught artist and poet has put up his 25 paintings on display which are mostly decorated with flowers and leaves-surrounded vases placed on the spaces engraved on the traditional motifs. The exhibition will continue till October 8. The painter has blended the traditional design values to his contemporary artwork that is mostly painted in black oil colour on the pure white canvas. Wasi Haider has used limited tones of blues, rusts and greens in some of his paintings besides the tones of black, which dominates all of his canvases. Wasi has also added female faces to a few of his paintings, perhaps, to give his canvases a more romantic look. He is actually successful in his intention in combining the fragrance of flowers, leaves and women to inspire the aesthetics of the art lovers, the diminishing specie. From the commercial angle, the exhibition has all to cater all types of minds and aesthetics but to a limited subject. Frankly speaking, one can easily judge the influence of maestro in the Pakistans paintings history such as Sadequain, Ahmed Paervaiz, Laila Shahzada and Mashkoor Raza. In spite of being self-taught and 'inspired from the legends, Wasi has proved himself as a versatile artist who can skilfully play with his brush on the canvas. It is said that his work is totally different this year from what he painted in the previous years. Wasi Haider has been exhibiting his paintings for the last decades. He has worked in different mediums and on very difficult topics. Wasi is an artist of par excellence who has command on his topic and colours. Wasi is one of a few artists, who are known for his pointillism, and his paintings in pointillism are just amazing. The pointillism is one of the most difficult way of painting in which an artist while keeping in mind all the principles of painting has to use the tip of the brush to complete his work of art.