MIRANSHAH (AFP/Reuters) Taliban militants claimed responsibility Monday for two attacks on Afghan-bound NATO supply convoys in which nearly 60 trucks have been torched in three days - and vowed more to come. Three people were killed when about 20 NATO oil tankers were set ablaze by attackers armed with Molotov cocktails near Islamabad, which the Taliban said was to avenge US drone attacks and halt the supply route through Pakistan. Television pictures showing the pre-dawn arson attack revealed towers of flame springing from the trucks, which were filling up just outside Islamabad en route to Afghanistan. Police said around a dozen attackers fled the scene. In a similar incident on Friday in the south, heavily armed gunmen set ablaze more than two dozen trucks and tankers carrying fuel for the 152,000-strong foreign forces fighting the Taliban-led insurgency. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the two attacks. Our mujahideen have carried out the attacks. We will continue such attacks all over the country to avenge drone attacks and attacks by foreign forces inside Pakistani territory, Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location. We will not allow the use of Pakistani soil as a supply route for NATO troops based in Afghanistan, he added. The United States has massively increased its drone campaign in the northwest tribal region on the Afghan border. Officials have reported that more than 20 US drone strikes since early September have killed 133 people.