KARACHI - Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) is importing sugar only through international tenders. As per tender documents, international pre-shipment inspection agencies nominated by TCP certify the quality, bags and labelling requirements of sugar before loading it on the vessel, said a TCP press release issued here on Monday. The sugar on arrival is inspected and certified by the Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) and sugar is delivered to USC and others only once the laboratory report of the PCSIR is received through PSQCA. The ECC of the cabinet realising the sugar shortage in the country had granted exemption on bags and labelling requirement and allowed to import sugar in international bags. All shipments before October 31, 2010 are exempted from the bags and labeling requirement of PSQCA. The Customs on arrival of sugar in vessel M. V. Orbit from India requested for verification of PSQCA on the bags and labelling requirement. The sugar was allowed to be cleared by the Customs only after receipt of confirmation from PSQCA. FIA on a report proceeded against this shipment and stopped clearance from Port Bin Qasim. After initial investigation, FIA has released the consignment to be taken to TCP Godown while its disposal to USC & others will be allowed after the laboratory test is completed.