LAHORE - Unavailability of public transport on different city routes is adding peoples difficulties, as ensuring the presence of buses on City roads has turned out to be a major challenge for the transport authorities, The Nation has learnt. At present only 300 buses are being run on 33 major routes for thousands of the citizens who do not have their personal conveyance. Earlier, some 808 buses were operating on different routes in the City. At routes no 1, 2, 22, 33 and 77 a bus is seen after an interval of an hour or more and a huge gathering of 'desperate people including old citizens, ladies and students waiting for the public transport can be witnessed at the bus stops present on the said routes. An official of the Transport Department said that transport companies were not willing to bring their buses on routes owing to the high prices of fuel. He said that the government had offered them a subsidy of Rs 1,250 per day, which they declined claiming it would not make any difference and they would not be able to meet their expanses. The Punjab government had allocated Rs two billion to provide better transport facilities to the people and in the 'best of its vision it established Lahore Transport Company (LTC) a year back, but all of this could not bring any relief to the poor. The LTC announced that it would bring about 2,000 buses but failed to ensure even 10 per cent of its announcement. The authorities said that major 12 transport companies in the City were not agreeing to accept subsidy package of the government. Transport Secretary Muhammad Yousaf while talking about the situation said that the transport companies were not willing to bring buses at government-fixed fare but the authorities were negotiating with them in this regard. He said mini air-conditioned wagons to be started soon would overcome this crisis. He added that instead of companies, sole proprietor could also bring their buses on City routes, but they were being shaped into a group after showing interest in this regard.