A team of American Police professionals will impart training to the officers of National Highways & Motorway Police to combat crime and terrorism and to control law & order situation on motorways/highways. In this respect, Mr. Mark Hunter, Head of Police/Anti-Terrorism Division of US Embassy, Mr. Jeff Thomas, Mr. Scott Moretty, Head of Mobile Security Division and Mr. Robert A. Clark, Programme Manager on Police Training visited the headquarters of NH∓, where they have discussed different training programes which can be imparted to motorway police, says a handout. I.G. National Highways & Motorway Police Dr. Wasim Kausar and the members of American team discussed the various training issues to be given to motorway police. They praised the performance of the motorway police and said that the NH∓has been recognized worldwide and its officers established it as an Institution. Mr. Mark Hunter said although the NH∓is excellent in traffic handling issues but it has also showed excellent performance in combating crime and numerous terrorism activities on Highways. He said that due to the present environment of Pakistan, it is necessary to provide them training to control law & order situation on highways/motorways and to combat all types of crime and terrorism, so that they could handle any criminal activity with more professionalism. The IGP informed them that the motorway police had provided the training to other such police departments and the people are feeling positive results in some cities. The IGP also given a short briefing on the working of the NH∓to American delegation and said that NH∓introduced a successful soft policing in Pakistan. He said that NH∓has planned to impart training to SAARC countries and in first phase the traffic police of Maldives and Bangladesh are due in near future, which would be given training in NH∓training Institute at Sheikhupura. The IGP directed the DIG training of NH∓to make training courses in consultation with Mr. Clark, Programme Manager, for the officers of NH∓. The American police will train them and later on the officers of NH∓may be sent to US for further training.