News of transparency in appointments and merit, the only criteria for promotion in the CAA, was highly inspiring and encouraging. Almost a decade ago, when I applied for the job of assistant in CAA, despite having an excellent academic background, I failed to qualify for the post, because I did not have sufficient strings to pull, or a close relative in authority. This failure affected my belief in an honest and progressive organisation in the country. I lost all hope in a country, which Quaid-e-Azam built, for all those who believed in merit.

The news that the new CAA boss has assured to maintain transparency, both for fresh appointments and promotions was very welcome. Now I am hoping that the CAA will get rid of nepotism once and for all. I salute him for taking action against all those who were appointed through nepotism, and that too with fake degrees. I am sure this step will go a long way in the history of government organisations in Pakistan, where nepotism is the only criteria for getting a job.


Islamabad, October 1.