Rawalpindi - Rawalpindi traffic police have arrested 107 professional beggars from important sections of the city during last month.

In a statement issued here, Chief Traffic Officer CTO Shoaib Khurrum Janbaz said that city traffic police was trying to eliminate the begging from city roads.

During its efforts, as many as 107 beggars were arrested in last moth (September).

He said concerted efforts should be made by the police and administration to eliminate the menace.

He informed that special squads of city traffic police in Rawal and Potohar regions remained on duty on the city roads.

He said that 41 children had been handed over to Child Protection Bureau.

In Rawalpindi, especially on busy places like Benazir Bhutto Road, Committee Chowk, Raja Bazaar, Saddar Bazaar, Tench Bhatta Mareer Chowk and sixth Road Chowk the motorists had to face professional beggars who sought alms at signals.