LAHORE - Police arrested 236 accused of 94 gangs and 274 cases have also been traced against them while more than Rs two crore and 14 lacs recovered from the gang’s members during the month of September 2015, Lahore police claimed on Sunday.

Spokesman for Police said that 1,353 Proclaimed Offenders (POs) & 1023 Court Absconder (Cas) were also arrested in the same period.

During the September, 440 cases registered against 440 accused on having illicit weapon and police also recovered 01-Kalashankove, 24-rifles, 33-guns, 404-revolvers & pistols, 08 daggers and 32338 bullets from their possession.

During the action against drug dealers, 557 cases were registered and 566 culprits were arrested and 41 kg 957grm heroine, 137kg 534grm chars and 4850 bottles of liquor recovered from them. Moreover, 107 cases were registered against gamblers and 646 accused arrested and also recovered betting amount more than six lacs. In the same period during the special crackdown 506 cases were registered against 512 culprits on the violation of law, spokesman concluded.