General Raheel Sharif is rendering great services for the future generation of Pakistan by eradicating the menace of terrorism and treating the cancer of corruption which has crippled the country potential to become a great nation. Pakistan is blessed with tremendous natural resources and hardworking people, but the few greedy and selfish people in position of authority are not honestly performing their duties. They prefer their personal interest over national interest. People want their accountability across the board to recover the money they have looted. I would like to request General Raheel to protect your integrity by not allowing the impression that Punjabi COAS is helping Punjabi Prime Minister. There are serious cases pending against the Prime Minister related to misuse of authority and corruption. All those cases are pending for the last over 20 years. Any one who had harmed the country must be taken to task. You are most popular leader in Pakistan, because you are doing what people of Pakistan want. Unfortunately our political leaders have failed miserably to win the heart and mind of people. Its time to change the direction of country. Rule of law and rule of merits must be established.


Lahore, September 15.