Rawalpindi - Aerial firing in jubilation has become a great nuisance for the citizens in the jurisdiction of Police Station Waris Khan.

Firing into the air has become a common practice especially during festivities like weddings.

The residents expressed concern over the indifferent attitude of police and district administration towards the sheer violation of the marriage ordinance in the city and its suburbs.

Muhammed Ashraf said display of fireworks and aerial firing had become an integral part of marriages as without it every marriage processions was considered incomplete. Aerial firing had claimed scores of precious lives, he added.

The secret warehouses at Narankari Bazaar and other areas likely in Raja Bazaar are stuffed with fireworks, which are being sold with impunity. The citizens have demanded the government to implement the marriage ordinance in letter and spirit, besides bringing the violators to justice to avert any major mishap.