LAHORE - The Motorway Police Central Zone impounded 2273 motorcycles on Sunday as the rider were not wearing helmets.

The motorbikes were later on released after legal formalities, Zonal Commander DIG Mirza Faran Baig said while making the review of road safety campaign in Lahore.

The objective of this campaign is to make motorcyclists and passengers understand that not all helmets provide the same degree of head protection and what safety features consumers should be looking for when purchasing a helmet.

“Wearing a quality helmet, correctly fastened is one of the most effective road safety interventions known for motorcycle riders and passengers,” DIG Faran said. “A thin piece of fragile plastic will never provide a motorcyclist with any form of head protection in the event of a crash. The quality of a motorcycle helmet is crucial to its ability to prevent head injuries if a crash occurs.” he added.

“The Motorway Police’s commitment to road safety is inspiring and we strongly commend its engagement and prioritization. We look forward to continuing our strong cooperation with national and provincial stakeholders, to achieve our common goal of saving lives on national highways.

“This campaign is part of the broader efforts of the NH&MP to contribute to the achievement for Road Safety to save lives.”