ISLAMABAD: Following the National Action Plan (NAP), the federal government has completed all preparations and arrangement to initiate a crackdown against all those organizations having relations and links with banned outfit IS.

Sources told Online, after Sindh, preparations have been finalized to eliminate all the nurseries of Daish in Punjab and federal capital Islamabad.

“It is revealed that network of religious seminaries, terrorists and sectarian organizations were being run by the Daish in outskirts and rural areas of Islamabad including Rawal Dam, Bhara Kahu and Sihala”, sources disclosed and added that federal government has decided to conduct operation and to foil the network of terrorists outfits across the country.

The political and military leadership after consultation with civil institutions has finalized the operation in Punjab and federal capital against terrorist outfits.

Sources further said that network of banned outfit invites youth from 7 to 25 years of age in different programmes, which were not advertised. The religious seminaries and educational institutional were being focused to achieve their objectives where through pamphlets and books people were included in terrorist network and different groups have been formed for this purpose.

The operation would be conducted after receiving authentic information in this regard, source concluded.