Dera Ismail Khan: The Pakistani Taliban has hanged a military intelligence officer in retaliation for recent executions of militants by Pakistan, the militant Islamist group said in videos released on Sunday.

Reuters could not independently authenticate the two videos and a Pakistani military spokesman was not immediately able to comment on them.

Pakistan reinstated the death penalty last December after Taliban gunmen massacred 134 school children. Since then the Taliban have staged several deadly attacks, but the videos of the hanging appear to be the first staged execution of a military officer since the restoration of the death penalty.

In the first video, a man identifies himself as Bashir Ahmad Khan, originally from the 19th army air defense unit and later recruited by Pakistan's military intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence.

"We were trained to trace the Taliban’s training camps," said the man identified as Khan. He was dressed in plain brown traditional Pakistani clothes and surrounded by armed men wearing masks and camouflage. One unmasked man in white robes kneels beside him.

Two men hold a black banner in the background that is embroidered with the kalma, a Muslim declaration of faith.