A fiend man allegedly attempted to ravish a class-II girl student in Ramke Chattha village on Sunday. The police arrested the accused identified as Qamaruz Zaman and registered a case against him.

According to police source, the girl was passing through the village street when the accused took her to a nearby place where he attempted to criminally assault. However, listening to the girl’s shrieks, some villagers rushed for her rescue and in the meantime the accused managed to escape. However, police chased and arrested him.

TEENAGER KILLED: A teenager was killed in jubilation fire at a wedding in village Dhanoway Dogran. He sustained critical wounds and was rushed to hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

According to police source, Rasm-e-Henna of Bilal was being celebrated in the village when his relative Qasim Saggal allegedly resorted to fire jubilation. As a result one of the bullets hit 14-year-old Akbar, son of Amanat. The police have registered a case.