The migrant issue has become quite a problem for the entire world. People are leaving their countries and are trying to settle in different countries where they could secure a future or themselves and for their children. It is understandable that why the European and American countries are refusing them, but what bothers me is why the countries of origin are keeping silent that their nationals are leaving their country..

Our beloved country is one of them. Thousands and thousands of Pakistanis have fled their own country and are trying to secure a future in another country. Why is Pakistan silent about so many of her children are leaving it? In a family when suddenly someone decides to break ties with the family the whole family at once begins to negotiate in order to prevent such a decision made by its member. Why the government of Pakistan is not worried that its children are leaving the country especially the people with brains?

All those who are seeking asylum are definitely talking about the injustices they are facing in their own country and in this way defaming it. What Pakistan and other countries where people are fleeing ought to do is to make things better so that no one will think of leaving their country.

Right now the policies and laws Pakistan has made are against humanity. The facility the government is providing is not up the mark. The education it is providing to its children is not up the mark. The medical facilities are very poor. The laws of the state, the police and the judiciary favor only the rich and the Muslim community. Thus the non-Muslim Pakistani really feels insecure and is seeking opportunities to leave it.

I appeal to the government and law makers to consider this as a matter of concern that people are leaving their homeland and make arrangements to call their own children back and offer equal and just facilities to them all. Just like parents negotiate with their children who leave them, so ayo the government must negotiate with them and call them back.


Mirpurkhas, September 16.