Islamabad - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has successfully presented in the UN General Assembly a comprehensive picture of Occupied Kashmir and India’s bigot role there and he needs to sustain such spirit in future on the Kashmir issue.

“The UN General Assembly meeting is a golden opportunity to show Pakistan’s point of view regarding occupied Kashmir, the government should use this platform to further sensitize the world on Kashmir issue,” said Mashaal Hussein Malllick, Chairperson Peace & Culture Organization, in an interaction with media here yesterday.

She said, this is the time to garner support for the suppressed Kashmiris from the world and present the Kashmir problem in a way that the world be forced to think about Kashmir and turn to resolve it.

Commenting on US President Barrak Obama’s recent speech in which he termed the Kashmir issue a dispute between India and Pakistan, Mashaal, who is also wife of Kashmiri Hurriat Leader Yasin Malik, pointed out if Kashmir is a bilateral issue why US has failed to put pressure on Indian government to take concrete steps for the resolution of the Kashmir issue. 

She said that it is more than an irony that none of the world forums including could not create an environment which can guarantee peace in the whole South Asia.

“Now the Pak government is showing a better attitude towards the Kashmir issue but cannot be termed enough as it should be more strengthen its stance and make the world more aware about the longstanding issue,” she said.