PML-J Chairman Hamid Nasir Chattha on Sunday announced to contest the coming local bodies elections.

He said that hard times often come on political parties. He vowed to give hard time to the PML-N candidates in the LB polls. He stated this while talking to the party workers near Wazirabad.

He said that the people had been lying deprived of their basic rights due to delay in the local bodies elections.

He said that the results of the LB polls would astonish the rulers, which had miserably failed to solve the problems of the people due to which the people had become fed up.

Chattha said that the people had become matured politically, as they had rejected the negative politics of conflict in the country.

He said that now the masses were ready to halt the way of those doing negative politics.

He said that political future of PML-J was much bright, adding that the days were coming nearer when the dreams of national progress, development and national political and economic stability would become true under the supervision of PML-J.

He said that the politics of conflict misled and badly disappointed the masses.