LAHORE - Reham Khan’s dramatic arrival in the provincial capital to lead the PTI by-election campaign changed the colour of the drive as large number of women joined her for expressing party’s strength in the citadel of PML-N.

Reham who was stopped by Imran Khan to take part in party politics in August, jumped to the political arena yesterday to lead the rally from party’s election office Garhi Shahu up to Doongi Ground, Samanabad the venue for PTI public meeting.

Khan in August criticising some comments about her wife on the Twitter, had stopped her to involve in the party matters.

Following attacks on Reham through Twitter following the NA-19 by-polls, PTI leader said her wife would not attend any party event in the future.

He added he was disgusted by attacks on Reham after the party’s candidate defeat at the hands of PML-N leader during the by-election for the Haripur constituency.

Analysts are of the view that Reham’s fresh entry into the affairs of his husband’s party is aimed to dispel the impression about differences between the two.

Khan’s party had to suffer serious political damages with the circulation of rumours about possible separation of the couple.

Though PTI chairman had rejected the rumours on Twitter right after the appeared in section of electronic media but the damage had been done by that time.

However the move would give an edge to the PTI in the by-election campaign to attract ‘new women voters’.

Reham led a rally of more than 500 women supporters to party public meeting at Samanabad but she left in the last half of Khan’s address.

The women supporters already present at the Doongi Ground were very jubilant to see Reham as they stand on their chairs to welcome her.

The gathering of the PTI supporters which has different figures according to the security agencies sections deputed to ensure safety of the participants but by any standard women and youth led the largest number.

Three of the security agencies came up with the figures of 12000, 10800 and 14000 gathering at the Doongi Ground Samanabad. The PTI organisers of the moot claimed they placed 20000 chairs in the ground however the actual capacity can accommodate between 15000 to 16000 people.

Women and children at the moot painted their faces with PTI flag. Thousands of flag-waving Imran supporters chanted slogans “Go Nawaz Go and Prime Minister Imran Khan.”Different groups of supporters also danced to the tunes of party songs on the event.