A: The state of our film industry is appalling. This new film, with those annoying male actors and ridiculous amount of sponsoring is the worst. I accidentally saw the trailer, because it is literally everywhere, and it seemed like a low attempted Bollywood movie. What is with all the movies and the catch phrase of ‘jawaani’?

S: Haha. Yes. I haven’t watched it, nor am I planning to. But it’s nice to see people going out and supporting our industry for a change. These are Pakistani actors, with Pakistani producers. Why not?

A: I always thought you would be the last person to support such ill-written and flashy movies. Yes, it is important to support our local industry, but not at the expense of making us look like fools. We have made excellent movies in the past, which might not have been so popular, but at least were thought-provoking.

S: Ameen it is called the entertainment industry. What did you expect? No matter how much you try to fight it, the audience here likes movies with over the top dialogues and awkward dancing. Yes, we should focus on creating ‘better’ films, but if no one watches them, what’s the point? People do not generally go to the cinema to see a serious film, they go to laugh and even make fun of the films themselves.

A: I do not believe that the audience does not appreciate good films. Look at our music industry. It is actually progressing quite well. With platforms like coke studio and Nescafé Basement, music is evolving. We should give Pakistanis a little more credit than that.