Suno Pakistan” can be regarded as an instrumental addition to the blooming radio industry of Pakistan. Since its inception, the diverse and multilingual programs broadcasted live on radio waves have infused a new spirit of patriotism. “Suno Pakistan”, in this respect not only provides entertainment to its listeners but also works towards disseminating a positive image of Pakistan. Special programs, conceived and broadcasted on Pakistan Day and Defense Day, in particular arouse the mutual feelings of patriotism and love for their homeland respectively.

Considering the ongoing nationwide campaign against terrorism through Operation Zarb-e-Azb, it is incumbent upon every medium of electronic media to play a vital role in this respect. “Suno Pakistan”, while representing the radio industry must strive towards achieving this defined goal. The programs based on mutual interaction in the form of talk shows and discussions should be designed and broadcasted every week in order to develop a consensus on this vital issue. Moreover, the listeners should be updated regarding the progress and outcome reaped so far in the ongoing operation. Short documentaries and news bulletins, for instance can be a significant addition towards boosting the morale of people in this respect. In addition to this, the music based on patriotic themes in all national languages should be played on frequent basis in order to arouse the sense of patriotism in every Pakistani. Furthermore, the youth of Pakistan, can be channelized positively by arranging competitions and debates on vital national matters respectively. By this positive engagement, the energetic youth of our nation that comprised of more than half of our population can play a positive role in this regard.

Last but not the least, “Suno Pakistan”, by enacting on the defined goal that is, “infusing patriotism” and “developing consensus on eradicating terrorism” can become a positive contributor towards portraying the constructive image of Pakistan worldwide.


Islamabad, September 17.