Honour killing has been one of the most devouring activities that has emerged as a speedy process in Pakistan. The practice not only destroys peace but also creates a terrible rift among family relations. This social ill has been prevailing all across the world, and most of the countries are pursuing herculean efforts to address a deep rooted problem such as this. 

Instances of honour killings are on the rise in Pakistan, and what’s even more worrisome is that, most cases go unregistered. 

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF), almost 5000 women fall victim to the menace of honour killings every year. Among which, the statistic for Pakistani women falls near the 1000 mark. According to a human rights report, 1100 women were killed by their parents, siblings, or relatives in 2015. Such reports categorically expose that our state is still far from an ultimate triumph against the vicious cycle of honour killings

It is time for a joint parliamentary session to pass the anti-honour killing and anti-rape bills so that women can be protected from such atrocities that have become a regular part of our society. After these bills are passed, action regarding their implementation should be taken because lip service is insufficient now. Strengthening the existing law against honour killings has become the need of the hour. 


Shikarpur, September 18.