We’ve begun to look for quicker ways out for everything nowadays and junk food is one of those time-saving solutions to cooking at home. Pre-prepared and packaged foods are so common nowadays that they are consumed by majority of the world population and the trend for junk food in Pakistan has risen as well in the last few years. Junk food is easily available and is cheaply priced; which has boosted its sales but it has its adverse effects.

Junk food does not contain any essential nutrients and is filled with carbohydrates which causes fat deposits and raises the chance of obesity in consumers. Health eventually deteriorates and incidence of heart disease and diabetes increase. The possibility is even higher if junk food consumption starts at an early age.

Unfortunately, most children in Pakistan are consuming fast food on a daily basis and as they combine it with lack of exercise, our society’s health is deteriorating rapidly, obesity, diabetes, heart related diseases and the death rates have increased to the extent that it has become a wide ranging problem across all levels of society.

Junk food’s promotion must be decreased and awareness should be spread among our population as a start to promoting the improvement of health through awareness campaigns.


Lahore, October 4.