Chairman Wapda has written 28 articles on the pros and cons of Kalabagh dam which has cost him his job. Human right activist Naseer Memon has also written a lengthy rejoinder ‘Untold facts’ which is available on Google. The electronic media has also provided space for comments by the readers. I, myself, have penned a few comments to which the writers have replied, and other readers have joined in on the discussion.  

Unfortunately, most of the comments are downright silly, while some make sense. It is difficult, but I am trying my best to make it through the fog of ignorance. I am writing this to express my disappointment regarding the lack of substantial discussion regarding the Kalabagh dam. Many people who are otherwise quite vocal in regards to this issue, have not bothered to join the discussion. If this is the level of apathy then I think I should also throw in the towel. 


Lahore, September 17.