Earning a decent living or getting a white-collar job is not the only purpose of education. There is no gainsaying the fact that even an uneducated and illiterate person can also make both ends meet and that also in an exceptionally better way. Developing critical thinking and inculcating certain core values in the learners are the main objectives of education. Generally, education is defined as a tool to bring a positive change in the behaviour of the learners. It should prompt us to stop at a traffic signal with patience without making any fuss. The onus also lies on the system of education as how to celebrate a victory and how to face a defeat. No doubt, the values and norms of an educational institute and system are reflected in the society. Tolerance, patience, spirit of teamwork and cooperation and distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong are traits which a student learns at school, and then he applies and practices them in his practical life. The dream of living in a peaceful society can not be achieved unless we overhaul our present system of education which emphasizes rote learning and grabbing as many marks as possible. It is alarming that, in the near past, highly educated individuals from the renowned institutes of the country were found involved in acts of terrorism and extremism. So, nip the evil in the bud. The concerned authorities will have to be quick to foil the rising onslaught of obscurantism taking roots in educational campuses.

To achieve all these goals, our educational institutes must adopt a holistic way of giving instructions to learners otherwise the growing radicalization in campuses will play havoc with us. An all-round growth of the personality of a learner should be the first priority of an educational system.To materialise all these objectives a vibrant curriculum along with trained teachers are the need of the day. Moreover, extra and co-curricular activities also play a positive role in this regard. It has been noticed that some parents, students and teachers underestimate these activities and thereby ignore this vital component of education because they consider these activities a mere wastage of time. So, it is of paramount importance that all the shareholder should be made well aware with the significance of all these side activities which ensure the balance personality of a student.


Mianwali, September 23.