It all started way back in 1980 with the name of Khyber wood that a Veneer Board plant was established in Peshawar. With that humble beginning ZRK Industries (Pvt) Ltd. today is a Company manufacturing world class quality of  Medium Density Fiberboard. The latest MDF plant of ZRK Group situated on Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway is the state of the art new generation plant from Germany. This plant is capable of producing MDF products of a vast range all as per European specifications.

 Growing and supporting

Sustainable tree plantations.

After attaining product quality standards through the process of continuous improvements and the induction of this latest plant the Company has now embarked upon yet another golden milestone. This is related to self as well as contractual production of its raw material which is composed of a wide range of fast growing tree species which are sustainably grown and produced by the farmers just like any other agricultural crop with the difference that the maturity period of these fast growing tree species ranges from 3-6 years. On the one side the Company is involved in its own plantations and on the other it is encouraging other industry partners to do the same through the platform of All Pakistan MDF Association.

 Saving the Precious Natural Forests of Pakistan.

It is indeed noteworthy to mention that Pakistan has one of the lowest forest cover in the region and beyond. One of the biggest threat to these natural forests is the demand of timber for construction and furniture making. The country’s MDF industry with the lead role of ZRK Group has done a tremendous service to the natural forests of the country by providing a substitute or alternate to wood which is good both for construction and for furniture making.

 To briefly sum up the magnificent contributions of the ZRK Group itself and the MDF industry of which it is one of the key players range from bringing industrialization in the country on one hand and providing job opportunities to thousands of people on the other hand. Similarly contribution in the rural economy by promoting agro forestry and simultaneously providing huge carbon dioxide sink by virtue of the massive tree plantations dependent on this industry is yet another golden feather in the cap. Last but not the least is saving of precious foreign exchange by virtue of local manufacturing of MDF otherwise it had to be imported entirely from abroad.


Mujtaba Zaidi, Director Forestry & CORA, ZRK Industries (Pvt) Ltd