SIALKOT  -  The kiln owners have increased the rates of bricks here following its shortage particularly due to proposed three-month closure of kilns across Punjab Province.

The local people said that the owners were selling bricks at the rate of Rs.6500 to 7000 per 1000 bricks during the peak season of the bricks kilns (from April to July).

The owners and labourers said that the heavy rains during the current year had also badly damaged the clay-made bricks at the bricks. Most of brick kilns were closed down by the owners due to the big financial loss in Sialkot district, they said. They further said that the nasty situation had also created shortage of bricks.

Some labourers said that now the kilns were being opened by their owners for production after their closure due to heavy rains. After the fresh production of bricks, the rates might by slashed, they hoped.

The situation results in the stoppage of construction projects, as the builders and people were averting to start their construction works following the 80 percent increase in the brick rates. However, some owners said that the “smog scarcity” was also badly affecting the business of bricks. They said that all the brick kilns will be closed from October 20, 2018 in a bid to avert the smog scarcity.

They said that the concerned officials of the Sialkot district administration  were serving the notices to the owners of the bricks kilns , asking them to close down their kilns to avert smog in Sialkot district.

“Yes, there are serving us official notices to close down brick kilns for three months to avert smog,” perturbed owners and labourers of kilns added.

They said that if the brick kilns were closed the rates of bricks will also increase further from Rs12000 for 1000 bricks and it might jump up to Rs.15000 per 1000.

Meanwhile, the administration officials said that all the bricks kilns would be closed down for next three months, as they will be closed from October 20,018 to December 31, 2018.

The labourers said that the three-month closure will also render hundreds of the male and female labourers jobless. The officials added that there were 361 kilns in Sialkot district.

In Pasrur, the local administration has retrieved as many as 131 kanals state land from the local illegal occupants in Pasrur tehsil. Assistant Commissioner Pasrur Muhammad Khalid told the newsmen that this retrieved land was owned by different government departments and was lying illegally occupied by the local influential people since long.

The patients suffered from great ordeal , as the supply of the electricity remained suspended to Govt. Allama Iqbal Memorial Teaching Hospital Sialkot for about four hours due to some technical faults in this hospital’s internal electrical system. Later, the fault was removed and electricity was restored.