PML-N candidate in NA-124 Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says the PTI government has no vision for progress and development of the country and it has been exposed within a month after assuming power. Speaking to party workers in his constituency yesterday, Abbasi said the PTI government was just doing experiments with the system that might have drastic consequences. “PTI leaders had made tall claims before the last general elections, but they have badly failed to deliver,” he said. He said that in the name of reforms PTI rulers are going to stifle the masses on their due rights. He said the government agenda is nothing but denying people right to life and snatching away from them humble sustenance by way of jacking up prices of the items of daily use. Poor performance of the government is adumbrative of the same results after first 100 days of the PTI in power, he said. The PTI has neither any precise agenda nor vision to overcome the problems and take the country ahead.  The former prime minister expressed resolve not to let anyone steal the public mandate in the by-polls this time. He said by stamping the ‘tiger’ in the by-polls the masses will again prove their deep affiliation and love for PML-N and its leaders Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif. Abbasi also opened party offices in Misri Shah, Lahori Market and other places.