The Federal Information Minister is official spokesman for elected constitutional government. PM IK, along-with his cabinet, has pledged an oath to uphold constitution and discharge duties without fear, favor or prejudice.

There exists in this country an independent judiciary and an institution called NAB which is required to perform its role free from political interference. A NAB court sentenced former convicted PM to 10 years imprisonment, his daughter to 7 years and son-in-law to 1 year. The Islamabad High Court in its wisdom suspended their sentence granting them bail till such time final decision is made. It is expected of Federal Government to let judicial matters relating to their political adversary be settled by courts of law, without any hint of interference. Comments by Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry were uncalled for and he should not have made such callous remarks exposing his biases. The matter is subjudice.

Now that elections are over, elected government must refrain from promoting culture of continued political animosities and proceed with governance. They must be seen making efforts to fulfill electoral pledges they made during election campaign. It will be their successes which will gain them strength and not continued reference to failures committed by their predecessors. PM Imran’s choice of team, will reflect whether they are better than others or same. If he selects a team on merit and shuns nepotism and favoritism, he will win accolades from citizens of Pakistan, who want to have a government seen to serve people rather serving vested interests. His government decision to lift restrictions on non-filers will serve to protect black economy and hinder his promises of widening tax net. He must devote his energies to bring Pakistan out of economic quagmire.


Lahore, September 22.