LAHORE - The saga of two minor Lahore girls abused by their own father for years, as reported by The Nation a few days ago, has taken yet another bizarre turn.

It has been revealed that the victim children and their mother have no identity to prove their citizenship.

Their non-registration with Nadra and the union council concerned has raised a big question mark on the working of government institutions.

Surprisingly, the family was not even counted even during the last census – though they were living in a big city like Lahore.

But thanks to Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar’s direct supervision the mother has been assured of getting janitress job and authorities are cooperating with her to get identity for herself and the kids.

She said the government officials have promised help in getting registration with Nadra, providing them shelter and free education for the victim kids.

On the information provided by The Nation, the chief minister had ordered a raid on Tuesday night to save two girls, aged 9 and 5, from the hellish abuse by their own father – who had been raping the little angels for years.

The children’s mother had approached this scribe with distressing videos, showing the brute assaulting the little angels at their abode on Katarband Road, next to the 1122 office.

On advice and assistance from a woman neighbour, the mother recorded the heinous acts on a mobile phone, which she hid in their small rented room where the family has been living for more than two years.

The mother of victim children told The Nation on Friday that government has given her a Rs0.5 million cheque for assistance but she has no identity card to open a bank account.

The SHO of local police station, she said, has given her Rs1,000 from own pocket to feed the children.

Narrating her sorry story, she said she was brought up in a village near Sahiwal and had studied till grade five at a local school. Her mother had died while ailing father and a mentally challenged brother still live there. Since her marriage in 2009, she has been living in Lahore.

The woman revealed that she was fourth wife of the incestophile, who is from a Burewala village and shifted to Lahore a decade ago.

“I was unaware about his three unsuccessful marriages at the time of my marriage”, she said.

The woman said her husband used to beat his own parents. Since years, he was not on speaking terms with the estranged parents, she added.

The alleged rapist was presented before the magistrate yesterday (Thursday) for physical remand. The police have said that he would be sent to jail on judicial remand tomorrow (Friday), she said.