ISLAMABAD    -   The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is being improved with an updated version and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is paying the cost personally, the foreign office said yesterday.

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an FO statement said, “is its primary public interface; and an open platform.”

Qureshi’s decision to have the website upgraded is in line with his vision of leading the Foreign Office into the modern and innovative digital age and making the Foreign Office website more user-friendly, it added.  “The ministry is, therefore, currently working on its improved and updated version,” the statement said. The information contained in the Foreign Office website is not classified, as it is for the facilitation of the general public, not just in Pakistan but also globally, the statement said.

There is no question of security being compromised in any event given that the website redesign team is simply graphically redesigning the site based on publicly available content on the existing website, the FO said. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to undertake improvements and up-gradation in all areas, as required. Malicious attempts to malign such constructive measures are regrettable,” it said.