There is an increasing number of complaints about the city’s garbage problem due to many issues the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is facing. The company had recently lost a reputed managing director after he fell out with the Lahore DC on the issue of cleanliness. Lahore is a vast city that needs proper attention and maintenance on a daily basis, but it looks that the sitting government is paying no attention towards this as the government is just appreciating NAB’s action against the officers, transferring the officials and digging out scams instead of paying attention towards the real issues. As Ehtesham,a resident of Township said that there had been mess for the last one year or so.”If the government continues neglecting this issue, Lahore would soon become like Karachi”. This is humbly requested to the government to pay attention on the issues of Lahore otherwise Lahore will suffer further in future.