A psychiatric patient who was caught by Punjab policy and according to their statement the deceased person tried to steal ATM card which stuck in ATM machine. It is really pathetic to learn that the culprit has lost his life owing to unendurable torture.

Humanity has really died in our country that those who are supposed to protect inhabitants of the country taking life of the people. Nobody is above law and culprits should be treated as per law of the country but humanity also demands something that if that person was a psychiatric patient, he should first be cured then the due punishment was to be awarded but this was not the case. No law permits anyone to beat the culprit to such extent that he loses his life which is given for once only.

We Pakistanis are lamenting over atrocities in Kashmir while what we are doing with our inhabitants is inexcusable. This untoward incident should be taken into consideration that how police officials beaten the deceased culprit to an extent that he lost his life. Justice should be made come what may because deceased person cannot come again but bereaved family has to bear irreparable loss.