Islamabad   -   Pakistan is no exception when it comes to keeping dogs and cats as pets. But some pets gain widespread fame and are adored by many. One such creature is Zoro   the pet dog of Major General Asif Ghafoor, the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations. The military officer is so fond of his dog that he would often post his pictures on his personal Instagram account. In those photos, the general can be seen affectionately stroking and cuddling Zoro, a pedigreed Thai Golden retriever.

Since the military’s spokesman has a huge social media following, his pet has also gained popularity as fans and followers dotted on the adorable creature. Zoro took a further leap in popularity recently as one of the star attractions of drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa, which is jointly produced by Hum TV and ISPR.

The pet dog has more than 10.3K followers on Instagram. A Champion, Zoro has taken part in dog competitions. According to Zoro’s Instagram (@zoro_retriever) he has taken part in dog competitions in Islamabad and taken home the prize. He’s no less a celebrity now.

Dogs are the most preferred pets among human beings, essentially due to their loyalty. They are believed to be the most comfortable companions as they make their owners stress-free. The bond between humans and dogs goes back to thousands of years.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is also fond of pet dogs. His pets were occasionally seen making an entry in the drawing-room during interviews by journalists. One of his dogs was often seen sprawled on the floors of the meeting rooms of Bani Gala secretariat as party ticket hopefuls made rounds of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf headquarters.

After becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan’s pets have become so famous that they now have an official Wikipedia page titled ‘Pets of Imran Khan’. The Wikipedia page was added on August 6, 2018, days after Khan’s PTI secured majority in the July 25 general elections.

Imran Khan has owned five dogs, namely Sheru (lion), Motu (fat), Sherni (lioness), Pidu, and Maximus, according to Wikipedia. The page says that a typical day in Khan’s routine begins with breakfast, “walking the dogs and gathering his thoughts,” followed by morning exercise.

Sheru, an Alsatian, was gifted to Imran Khan by former president Pervez Musharraf in 2011, according to Wikipedia. The dog that Khan used to call ‘Tiger’ died in 2014. Motu is an offspring of Sheru and Sherni, a Kutchi dog. While Maximus is a Belgian shepherd.

Several other pet dogs and cats owned by prominent personalities have earned their place in Pakistan’s history.

Former Presidents of Pakistan, including General (r) Pervez Musharraf and Asif Ali Zardari were also fond of pets. General Musharraf’s canines were quite famous in the early days of the coup when he cuddled them in front of media cameras. These pictures portrayed him as a modern, progressive man and softened his image. The episode also marked the beginning of the “Enlightened Moderation” phenomenon.

Former President Zardari, who is now facing a corruption probe, had obsession with a variety of pets ranging from horses, camels and cats. During his presidency, Mr Zardari kept one particular cat close to him and talked about it affectionately in a TV interview. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party, also has several pet dogs. The founding father of the country Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also fond of dogs. One picture of an impeccably dressed Mr Jinnah puffing a cigarette and playing with his dogs has now assumed an iconic status.