LOS ANGELES-Taylor Swift can ‘’see very well’’ after undergoing laser eye surgery.

The ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ hitmaker was stunned when talk show host Jimmy Fallon was aware she’d recently undergone the procedure because she hasn’t told many people about it, but she’s very pleased with the results. Jimmy asked: ‘’Didn’t you just get LASIK surgery?’’

His guest replied: ‘’I did how do you know that? I don’t even tell people that. It was great, I really can see very well.’’

The host then quizzed her: ‘’Do they give you painkillers or laughing gas?’’

Confused, Taylor said: ‘’They definitely give you some pretty hardcore pills after you have a laser in your eye. What is going on?

What’s happening right now?’’

The blonde beauty looked horrified when the ‘Tonight Show’ host revealed the source of his knowledge - her mother Alison. He said: ‘’Your mum may or may not have video taped you after surgery and she gave us the video.’’ Taylor exclaimed: ‘’For the television?’’

Jimmy confirmed: ‘’This is the world premiere. Check this out. This is Taylor Swift, post-surgery. You were, like, freaking out over a banana.’’ The hilarious clip showed Taylor getting upset as she tried to take a piece of fruit for a snack while her mother warned her not to cry. She snapped off a banana from the bunch then said: ‘’That wasn’t the one I wanted...I tried to get this one but what do we do with this one now? It doesn’t have a head. OK, I’m fine, fine.’’