LAHORE - As the government and the Opposition are trading barbs calling each other as traitors, the PML-N has asked the DG ISPR to clarify if Federal Minister Sh Rashid Ahmad and PM’s media Adviser Shahbaz Gill are the spokespersons of the Pakistan Army.

Reacting to the recent statements by the two close aides of the prime minister, senior PML-N leader and party’s Punjab President Rana Sana Ullah issued a statement seeking clarification from the army’s spokesperson about their real affiliation. 

“The institutions will have to clarify whether or not these paid spokespersons officially represented them,” he asked, adding that the Pakistan Army should take notice of these malicious characters making it controversial through their statements. Rana Sanaullah alleged that the government was playing a dangerous game which he said would not be beneficial for anybody. Talking about Maryam Nawaz’s alleged secret meetings, the PML-N leader questioned if they were held in presence of Mr Shahbaz Gill.

Sanaullah says these so-called spokespersons are dragging institutions into politics

“The rejected narrative of calling others as traitors and Indian agents will not damage Mian Nawaz Sharif; but certainly, it will harm credibility of ‘selected’ PM Imran Niazi,” he maintained. He alleged that government had made an indirect confession of its failed narrative of corruption by levelling the allegations of treason on the opposition leaders. 

“After failing to find answers to opposition’s questions regarding its corruption, stealing of people’s mandate, price hike, unemployment and economic destruction, the government started the mantra of calling the opposition leaders as traitors,” Sana alleged. He added that Imran Niazi was making the institutions controversial for his dirty politics. 

“Dragging the institutions into dirty politics could only be desire of the country’s enemies. These so-called spokespersons of One Page are dragging the institutions into politics whose impartiality is a prerequisite to the national security and supremacy of the Constitution,” he observed.