DERA ISMAIL KHAN     -   District administration claimed to have discovered Buddha statues and British-era coins, which are very precious.

The statues and coins were unearthed when the workers were excavating and preparing land adjacent to a school building for forestation. 

Soon after this development, the  school management informed the district administration. The district officials reached the site  where the unearthed articles were handed over to them.

Local officials said that archaeology and museums department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was being contacted to assess the exact value of the discoveries.

Buddha statues, from Gandhara Civilization, and coins of British era were unearthed during a plantation campaign launched by the management of a government-run school in Kotla Lodhia, a minor town of Pharpur tehsil. 

The historical significance of the area of discoveries can be determined from the fact that Shahu Khel Lodhis of the Lodhi dynasty in the early 14th century had migrated from here to Central India and ruled for at least 100 years there. Behlol Lodhi, Sikandar Lodhi and Ibrahim Lodhi, who ruled the Delhi Throne, were Lodhi Pashtuns.

Locals say that these discoveries have enhanced the value of the area.